Wednesday, June 15, 2011

tHe HaUnTeD kArAk HiGhWaY !

It has been so long since i have shared something in this blog.Finally the time has arrived.Without a further ado,let me come to the point.Few weeks ago (forgot exactly when was it) i went to watch a local horror movie titled 'KARAK' in cinema with my friends.To be honest,the movie was so lame,kinda confusing,and didnt make sense at some part (dont judge a book by its cover ; dont judge a movie by its trailer).The main theme of the movie revolves around the very famous Malaysian urban legend--> the haunted Karak highway..most of us should have read or heard of this before.according to the producers of this film,the story was inspired by true events.After coming back from cinema,i did a little research about this.Based on my so called research,the beginning scenes are the only one inspired by true events.This particular scene is little creepy,but the same time kinda hard to believe.

It was late nite when a young couple and their baby travelling by car along the Karak Highway.As they were travelling along the lonely stretch of the Karak highway,suddenly,their car gave a jerk and started making weird noises.The husband was fairly surprised,because he alredy checked the car as they are going to make a long journey.Thats it..Their car stopped by the roadside.The husband got out of the car to check the car's engine while his wife and baby was waiting in the car. After a few minutes, he came back and reported that he could not see anything wrong and tried starting the car again. However, the car just would not budge. At last, the husband made a difficult decision to either wait until another car comes along or walk along the road to find some helping hand.With an heavy heart,the husband made his decision to leave his wife and baby behind to look for some help.He adviced his wife to lock the car and stay inside until he come back.His wife, on the other hand, watched her husband walk away with worries on her mind. She prayed hard that someone would eventually notice their stalled car and offer help. She was also worried that accidents might happen.

Hours passed by and soon she started getting even more worried. She was worried something might happen to her husband. Worried, she fought with herself over if she should just keep on waiting or leave the car behind and look for her husband.She played the Quran prayers casette as she was so scared.Suddenly,she started to hear some weird noises around her and her baby started cry..She realised that somthing was wrong and the radio stopped working.Finally a patrol carrived arrived in the scene.The pollice officers asked her to come out of the car and warned her not to look back ! In the end, she decided to get out of the car to stretch her legs. As soon as she came out of the car, she realized that something was staring at her from behind. As she turned, she saw the bodyless head of her husband with his eyes and mouth wide open as if in shock staring back.And ya..I forgot something..An annoying and ugly creature was eating the remains of his body while standing on top of the car (thats what they call as man eating Karak highway ghost).

Most of the time the stories about Karak Highway varies, afterall, its an urban legend ! Anyway,until now its still an unsolved mystery.I have even discussed about travelling along this road one day with my friends.hahah...thats all from me now..In & Out :D

--> Krish Iyer <--


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